At Triple Eagle Electric we make our residential services easy to understand. Do you have a tricky breaker or an outlet that's shorted out? In order to avoid further damage, let us diagnose your problem and make any applicable corrections as soon as possible. Do you need a flat- screen television, or a hot tub wired- well, no one will do the job better than us! At Triple Eagle Electric we can install it all!

We specialize in installing home lighting systems, ceiling fans, home wireless networks, entertainment systems and for the holidays- Christmas lights, plus so much more. Our company offers new installations of a wide variety of custom fit materials such as: new home lighting installs (perfectly integrated electrical wiring that is up to code), breakers and fuses (ensures that your home is protected from lightning strike and or other electrical surges), service upgrades, track lights, ceiling fans installation, security lighting, lighting design, exhaust fans, hot tubs/ spas, ground fault circuitry, and appliance circuits to name a few. We also do service upgrades to help restore any issues with faulty wiring.

Let us light up the dark areas of your home, and make your special place more secure. With LED technology being all the rage right now, we also offer a wide variety of styles for this type of innovative product. It is sure to not only help lower your energy consumption, but to also provide you with that stronger light source you need. Do you want to show off, or accent your home? Well, let us help with that too. Triple Eagle Electric can even light up your driveway, front/ back yard patio, so that your guests can't help but compliment your newly unique home style.

Was your house built before 1980? If the answer to that is yes, then now may be the perfect time to upgrade the wiring inside your home. It is so important that as a home owner, you accommodate your living space to the most modern technology systems that are already in play (outside of your residence). You can protect your residential investment with an electrical inspection, and have peace of mind in knowing that everything is up to code, and not at electrical odds with each other. Furthermore, here at Triple Eagle Electric we always offer troubleshooting and repair options on your current services and or products. At Triple Eagle Electric our job is to enable our equipment to directly link to the reliability of the electrical supply that you harbor within your home. Rest assure, that this will always be at the forefront of our mind when rendering the safest of services to you and your loved ones. There is no residential lighting emergency, or non-emergency that we cant provide you a solution for. Yes, our residential services are infinite- so please make sure to contact us for further inquiry at (817) 715-6557. We look forward to hearing from you!